International patent, Pub. No. WO2006011021 (A1) , Pri. No. IT2004BO00449 20040719, USPTO 7.800.981

TROMINO® is the first ‘all-in-one’ instrument for passive and active seismic surveys and vibration monitoring. Its small dimension (1 dm3, < 1 kg) and unique user-friendliness make single station seismic prospection a sheer entertainment.

Powered by 2 AA batteries, TROMINO® can record for several days. In association with Tromino® Manager, it can record with no time limits.

An exclusive system of radio communication among different units allows you to work in synthetic array configuration both in the free-field (for spatial correlation studies) and on structures (for passive and active modal analyses).

12 channels (velocimeters with different sensitivity, accelerometers, GPS, radio, triggers) make TROMINO® versatile and suitable for many engineering and seismological applications.

TROMINO® is available in the ZERO and ENGY version.

TROMINO® boasts attempts of imitation. Ask for the original. Go to the source.


Typical applications:

With a single TROMINO®:

- H/V (subsoil resonances)

- SASW, MASW, small scale refraction seismics

- Vibration monitoring (e.g. UNI 9916, DIN 4150)

- Passive modal analysis of structures (mode frequencies, mode shapes)


With more than one TROMINO®:

- SASW, MASW, refraction seismics

- ReMiTM, ESAC, SPAC, other passive and active spatial correlation methods

- Vibration monitoring (e.g. UNI 9916, DIN 4150)

  • Full modal analysis of structures (both passive and active)