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Dias Geophysical is a new company, formed for the sole purpose of carrying out 2D and 3D direct current resistivity and induced polarization (DCIP) surveys. The company is committed to providing the safest and most efficient and effective DCIP services. To accomplish this, they have developed the DIAS32 system, which is the leading acquisition technology in this field.


DIAS32 is a fully-distributed DCIP technology that is purpose-built to safely acquire high-volume and accurate measurements from which to derive resistivity and IP chargeability images and models. Our proprietary lightning shunt and current lock-out technologies are unique in our industry and provide an enhanced health and safety environment for our staff and clientele.


The system provides our operators with real-time QC information, and the data are enhanced by common voltage reference, and injection point current monitoring survey methodologies. Because of the proprietary technologies built into the system, DIAS32 is a uniquely efficient system that is able to produce higher density data sets in a shorter period of time, and all in a safe operational manner.


The DIAS32 survey system is unique in the following ways:

  • safety systems including lightning shunt technology
  • fully distributed data acquisition (1 receiver per electrode) allows full flexibility in survey design - pole-pole, pole-dipole, and dipole- pole data can all be acquired simultaneously
  • wireless mesh networking connects all receivers and allows for real-time QC and monitoring
  • injection point monitoring produces a more accurate current waveform recording for processing
  • time series data recording - the data from every electrode is recorded at a sampling rate of up to 200 per second, providing flexiblity in data processing and facilitating custom noise reduction
  • GPS technology in all receivers yields accurate positioning of electrodes and injection points.


Dias Geophysical is an active member of the Ground Geophysical Survey Safety Association (GGSSA). Dias reserves in the technical committee (Chubak Glenn, VP of Technology).