Management consulting to subsoil users

  • strategy planning of the project development
  • operational management and accounting operations according to the contracts for subsoil use:
    • preparation of annual work program and budget projects;
    • planning and organization of procurement, works and services in accordance with law of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
    • implementation of programs and execution of budgets;
    • issue of a land use permission for exploration works
    • managing of the external affairs and relations with public authorities and relevant interested bodies;
    • preparation and submission of periodic geological reports and reports in the LKT-№1 (License/Contract Terms) form on a quarterly basis to the competent state authorities;
    • applying for all permits, licenses and approvals required to conduct exploration work;

Subsoil use consulting

  • state authorities and national companies in the sphere of geology and subsoil use of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • the law on subsoil and subsoil use, the concept of the "Code on subsoil";
  • procedures for obtaining subsoil use rights:
  • preparation of bid documentation for obtaining the subsoil use right;
  • participation in negotiations with state authorities and national companies;
  • providing support of registration of the subsoil use right.

Geological consulting

  • review of existing resources and operations
  • due diligence

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